FAQ #1: How it works @ #B4Bride?

Visit our home page and make sure you scroll down for all the ladies to be loaded. Let us know you preferred lady or alternatively, you can let us know your requirement like height, age range etc.
No matter which package you have taken, we require member to signup with us and provide us with your photo, current occupation, single or divorced martial status, name and age. This help us confirm your interest in our service and to arrange the meet up with the ladies you shortlist asap. We will collect full package fees as of this stage.
Based on your requirement and shortlisted lady, we will arrange a meet up as soon as possible, once both confirm, we will proceed with the next step. If not we will arrange another meet up.
Once both parties are confirmed, we will guide you to do the necessary steps to marry a Vietnamese wife. Including registration at ROM, application for LTVP, wedding photo shoot(optional) etc.

FAQ #2: I have many doubts about Vietnamese wife. How?

Maybe you have heard stories about Vietnamese wife just wanting money, but in truth, every nation has their good and bad egg. Majority of the vietnamese bride in Singapore has a blissful and lasting marriage - you will be surprised by how big the vietnamese wife community here in Singapore.
If a Vietnamese girl truly wants only money, she can choose to work in an occupation that can earn much more than marrying you.
You do not need to be rich in order to marry a Vietnamese lady, so long as you work hard to support the family in time to come.
All ladies are the same, so long as you treat them well as your love one and family member, they will return your love for them.
It is common to have doubts as I had before too. Send us a whatsapp messsage on your doubts and we will clarify them for you.

FAQ #3: What is #B4Bride? Can i trust?

We are aware that other agencies are charging sky high prices, some reaching 10 to 12 thousand dollars. However, our business model does not incur very high costs, nor we want to earn such huge margin from this business. Many of the potential brides here are our friend or friends' friend. Therefore, we believe that if we successfully matchmake for you, you will in turn refer us your single friend.
It is not easy to arrange a match making session especially when it is a cross-border. We collect the fees first also to confirm your sincerity in finding a wife that can spend the rest of your life with you. Thus, giving us the confidence to assure the lady that this is not a scam.
We do not pay the bride a single cent! We DO NOT sell the bride nor the bride sell herself. They are genuinely wanting to find a husband here.
The main difference between us and other agencies is that we do not believe in one-sided or guarenteed marriage. We STRONGLY BELIEVE that marriage is a mutual decision.
Yes we definitely are a Singapore registered company.
NO! We do not engage in ANY kind of indecent service for our bride no matter how much you are willing to pay. All potential customers has to proof the single-hood via singpass during the registration to deter any dishonesty.
NO! For any other nationality who are interested in our ladies, please whatsapp us for more info.